I never planned on being a cheesemaker.


I guess I could have blamed Dean for getting me (us) into this crazy business. It really wasn’t entirely his fault. Sure, he might have bought the first 50 sheep. But once I got my hands on the whey, I wanted to make cheese. The rest is history.

We’re a small company and I believe people want to know where their food comes from. We care for the herd and make our sheep’s milk cheeses in ways that are harmonious with the people and farms that surround us. From the very beginning we planned to run a sustainable environmental and financial farm.

We have draft horses for the fields instead of a tractor. We don’t use fertilizers or pesticides. The sheep are fed pasture-grazed natural grasses and are humanely treated. We believe the rich, unique flavors of our handcrafted farmstead sheep’s milk cheeses are enhanced by the deliberate way we care for our sheep, the land, and the community we call home.

We say, take care of the herd and they will take care of you.