It started with a small herd of 50 dairy sheep and my husband Dean dragging me to sheep dairy co-op meetings. I thought he was crazy and I was right. Soon after we started milking, I realized our sheep’s milk was something very special and maybe we ought to be making cheese.  I just didn’t know at the time that “we” meant me.   It was when I finished my “hands on” cheese making class with Mary Falk that I fell in love with the process and knew this was something I had to do. Maybe it was my Bohemian heritage. I’m not sure how else you decide, elbow deep in curd, that you are ready to quit your perfectly good job to make handcrafted cheese. But in the end, I asked myself: what’s the worst that can happen?

Our farm is located in Southwestern Wisconsin in an area that’s different from the rest of the state. They call it the “Driftless Region” because the glaciers didn’t ramble through, leaving behind their familiar clutter of sand, rock and silt, or “drift.” The carved hills and valleys make it ideal for pasturing animals. It is the perfect environment to raise dairy sheep.

I grew up on a small hobby farm so I knew farm work could be exhausting. Dean was a city kid infatuated with farming. He had the passion and I had just enough knowledge to be dangerous.  Our vision was clear: we wanted the farm to be sustainable, environmentally and financially.  You can be sure that the animals and the land are treated well, and our products are carefully crafted the old-fashioned way using only the best ingredients.

Being in the heart of Amish country, we have always had a great respect for our neighbors’ distinctive culture and work practices. Amish friends and neighbors like John Henry help with the milking and construction and have been and invaluable part of our success. We continue to depend on one another to help our small community thrive.

Even though we’ve grown quit a bit since that 50 head herd, our approach has stayed the same. We think if knowing where your food comes from is important, you should give our cheeses a try.

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