About Our Sheep

Let me ask you a question — What would you do if your husband brought home 50 sheep? Wool mittens all-around for Christmas? We did what any slightly crazy person might do and started milking them. We also named them the “Ladies”.

Today, that first flock of 50 “Ladies” has grown to over 500, a mix of East Friesian and Lacaunes, the best milking sheep in the world. We are attached to these animals like they are our grandchildren and we spoil them just the same.

Great Sheep Make for Great Cheese.

Sheep’s milk is some of the richest, sweetest milk you'll ever taste. To produce Hidden Springs Creamery cheese, we rely on East Friesian and Lacaune dairy sheep. One breed is of German heritage and the other is of French descent. Despite their historical rivalries, these sheep get along quite well. (We suspect it’s because they are all moms.)

East Friesians originally hail from northern Germany. East Fresians are a wide-bodied sheep and are the most productive dairy sheep in the world. We love them for their relaxed attitude and friendly disposition, and for their cute tails that grow without any wool.

The Lacaune herd are our resident demure Parisians, and are famous for producing the milk used to make Roquefort cheese. They are hearty and robust after surviving in the rocky regions of France, but the rolling green Wisconsin meadows fit them perfectly.

We truly care for our Ladies, and are proud of the deliciously pure milk that they produce: high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, and easy on those who are intolerant of the lactose in cow’s milk. Our love for our flock comes through in the product we produce and that is just the way we like it.