Bohemian Blue

“For People with artistic or literary interests who disregard conventional standards of behavior”

An amiable tale of two cheese-making families: Brenda and Dean Jensen and Tony and Julie Hook, both makers of world-famous blue-cheeses and aged cheddar in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. The Jensens and Hooks teamed up to save cheese-loving US citizens from a potential cheese embargo. Bohemian Blue was born when a nasty tussle between America and France threatened to add a 300% tariff on Roquefort, the world’s most famous French-made sheep’s milk blue. The threat of soul-crushing tariffs subsided, but the partnership produced an amazing, cave-aged, rindless blue made from milk from Hidden Springs, crafted by Hook’s Creamery in Mineral Point, WI. An ode to Jensen’s Bohemian grandparents, this blue is dry and crumbly compared to drippy and wet Roqueforts. With a sweet, slightly sour finish, it’s excellent drizzled with honey, or savored with a single malt scotch or sweet wine.